John Deere 1026R - April Offer

Available and in-stock for immediate delivery, the 'swiss-army knife' of tractors - the John Deere 1026R sub compact tractor, fitted with a 54" Auto-Connect (drive-over) mowing deck.

John Deere 1026R sub compact tractor - April Offer

Ideal for mowing, loading, tillage and many other tasks. The John Deere 1026R sub-compact tractor is as versatile as you want it to be, whether you are a professional landscaper / municipality or own a large property to maintain?

Did we mention the John Deere AutoConnect™ 54" mowing deck which attaches in seconds, saving you time every time you mow?

The deck and driveshaft automatically connects when you drive over it. Then when you’re done, simply reverse back over to disconnect again – all from the comfort of your seat.

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