The Balmers GM guide to grinding

If your machine is no longer cutting the grass cleanly, its time to get the cutting units serviced and sharpened.

Balmers recommend a two tiered grinding strategy over the course of each year; a full relief grind when your machine is serviced over the Winter months and this then followed up with a mid-season spin grind to keep ensure optimum cut quality throughout the season when you need your machine the most.

What is relief grinding?

Relief grinding removes metal from the trailing edge of the blade forming an angle (relief angle) to reduce the contact area of the cutting edges. This reduces blade area resulting in less friction.

So why relief grind?

  • Ensures longer wearing life of the parts.
  • Less time required to back-lap.
  • Reduce pressure to cutting surfaces resulting in less hydraulic power required, lower engine load and fuel usage.
  • Reduces squeezing and tearing of teh grass as the units gets dull by use.

Can I just have a spin grind?

Yes, of course!

Every cutting unit service requirement is different and depends on the application. A mower cutting rough grass for a local authority will clearly have a different grinding and set-up to one that is mowing a tee on a golf course.

A spin grind takes less time, therefore costs less money, whilst still giving the cutting surfaces a freshen up and can be done without stripping the cutting unit down.

TypeSpin GrindFull Service Regrind
All prices exclude VATKeep your cutting cylinders sharp throughout the year with a mid-season spin grindFull regrind including relief grind, bed-knives & all associated hardware
One Unit£119£299
Three Units£357£897
Five Units£595£1,495

Remember, we can service and grind all makes of cutting units - not just John Deere!*

*Full Service Regrind fixed pricing is based on John Deere bed-knives and associated hardware such as blades screws and nuts (where applicable). Alternative brands will be priced inline with other manufacturer bed-knife / hardware retail pricing.