Flexible Finance Solutions

For over a century, John Deere has provided financial support to its customers and in 1958 John Deere Financial was formed, the financing division of Deere & Company.

Providing a full range of financing options for grounds care professionals and golf courses - with smart financing solutions that are easy to arrange and that can be customised to your individual requirements, it couldn't be easier to maintain and grow your John Deere fleet.

Hire Purchase - Owning Made Easy

It's actually quite easy! You pay a deposit plus the whole VAT amount at the beginning. What is left to pay, plus the interest and fees is simply split into easy to manage payments - typically over 1 - 5 years. After you make the last payment you own the machine and because you own the machine the hire purchase option allows you to claim capital allowances.

Straight Forward Fixed payments, fixed interest rate along the whole life of the contract

Flexible Choose a seasonal repayment option if your business requires it

Ownership You can claim available capital allowances

Freedom Hire purchase imposes no usage restrictions

Finance Lease - Affordable, Quick Start

If you do not wish to own, but would still like to enjoy many of the benefits of the hire purchase option, finance lease is for you. As with hire purchase, you make regular fixed repayments. A key difference though is that the VAT is payable on each lease payment rather than paying the full VAT at the outset. The finance lease starts with a primary lease period, typically 2-5 years which covers the full cost of the equipment. At the end of it you may request the equipment to be sold to a third party - the proceeds from the sale are yours to keep. Or you can opt for a secondary lease period and continue to use the equipment in exchange for a prearranged annual fee.

Easy Start Lower initial cash outlay, VAT is spread over the lease payments

Tax Benefit Your lease repayments are business expenses; you may be able to offset them against taxable profits

Easy Budgeting Fixed interest rates

Control You are entitled to 100% of the proceeds from the sale

Operator Lease - Total Cost Control

Think of this as your minimum commitment - low payment options. A cost-effective way to fund the use of a machine over a fixed term, without owning it. With an operating lease, you only pay for the use of the machine which lowers your monthly payments. At the beginning you pay an upfront rental fee, and your rental payments include VAT. At the end of the agreement you simply give the machine back to John Deere, subject to return conditions. Though you cannot claim capital allowances, you can offset the rental payments against taxable profits as a business expense.

Easy On Your Budget Low rental payments

Attractive Pricing Lower upfront costs

Predictable Fixed term, fixed interest

Tax Benefits Offset rental fees as a business expense

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