Used Groundcare Machinery for Sale: A Buyers Guide

When looking to buy groundcare machinery in the UK, you have two primary options, to either purchase new or used groundcare machinery. Each option has its own benefits, but in this guide, we’ll be running you through everything you need to consider when looking for used groundcare machinery for sale in the UK.

Used Groundcare Machinery for Sale: A Buyers Guide

For first-time buyers, who may not be familiar with the ins and outs of the industry, the sheer breadth of choice when it comes to used groundcare machinery for sale can be daunting. Somewhat similar to buying a used car, there are a broad range of important factors to consider before committing to a purchase to ensure that you end up with a piece of used groundcare machinery that is fit for your purpose. 

So, exactly what factors need to be considered when looking for used groundcare machinery for sale?

  • Its previous life - working hours and service history.
  • The brand.
  • The age of the machine.
  • Any warranties included by the seller.

Keep reading to understand why each of these factors is of great importance.

Balmers Used Groundcare Machinery for Sale

When you buy from Balmers GM, you can rest assured that your used groundcare machinery is just that, fit for purpose. Prior to the sale, each piece of used groundcare machinery for sale, whether it be a big name brand such as John Deere, or any other piece of equipment, everything undergoes the same pre-sale process. 

A thorough inspection and comprehensive checks are carried out to ensure that everything is in good working order. Each machine then undergoes a full service, with genuine parts, oils and filters being used.

The best bit? We can ship out used groundcare machinery to you, wherever you are within the UK. Additionally, if you would like the machine to be sent overseas, we can also arrange export shipments to Europe. 

If you are in need of groundcare machinery and have decided that a used model is your best option, then you are in the right place. At any one time, we have a broad range of machinery available, from industry-leading brands such as John Deere, Kubota, Toro and Ransomes Jacobsen but please bear in mind that our stock list is liable to change on a daily basis. 

You can view all of our used groundcare machinery for sale here: Used Turf and Groundcare Machinery.

Used Groundcare Machinery for Sale: A Buyers Guide

Used Groundcare Machinery for Sale - Factors to Consider

Here, we’ll be looking at why factors such as the brand, the machine's previous working life, age and any warranties offered by the seller are important when looking to buy used groundcare machinery. 

Its previous life - working hours and service history

Perhaps the most important factor of all to consider is the machine's previous life. How many hours have been logged? Does this seem realistic? Has it got a full service history behind it from a recognised and authorised dealer? Working hours, very simply, are the number of hours logged on the machine and should be clearly displayed on the dealers' website.

The brand

Now, by no means is the brand of the machine the be-all and end-all, but, it is often a great indication of the reliability you can expect. Industry-leading brands such as John Deere have forged a reputation over time for a reason! You know what you’ll get, and usually, you’ll get what you pay for.

The age of the machine

Age is just a number… but when looking to buy used groundcare machinery it is an important number! Even if the machine is as good as new, but is several years old, when it comes to the time for its service, you may find that parts for older models are harder to come by. As the industry has grown and advanced, so have technological advancements, while industry regulations are also subject to regular change. For this reason, always check with your local service centre to check whether all parts are available and that they can work with the model you are looking at purchasing. 

Any warranties included by the seller

When you buy something do you always read the fine print? Well if not, you definitely should when purchasing used groundcare machinery. You may find that some machines, particularly if they are relatively new and from a big brand manufacturer such as John Deere, will come with a warranty. More often than not, these can be transferred over to the new owner, providing an authorised John Deere dealer is notified. 

The Dealer…

We just had to throw this one in! Purchasing from, and working with, a reputable and trusted dealer (such as Balmers GM) is always highly recommended. We also offer fixed price service, whether a machine has been purchased from us or not! Find out more. 

But don’t forget, if you’re based in Yorkshire or Lancashire, we can also supply you with New Groundcare Machinery from our Wakefield and Burnley depots. 

We hope that this short guide will help you to make an informed decision when looking to purchase used groundcare machinery. And as ever, here at Balmers GM, we’re on hand to answer any questions you may have about anything you have read in this guide, or about any of our used groundcare machinery.

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Used Groundcare Machinery for Sale: A Buyers Guide