Stihl MotoMix - Premium Fuel for your powertool

When you buy a Stihl tool, you know that you’re investing in one of the most precisely engineered, high performance power tools available. So you need to know how to make sure your tool performs to its potential – and one way of doing this is knowing the best fuel to use for it! 

MotoMix is Stihl's patented fuel formula that has been created especially for Stihl 2-stroke engine power tools. It’s the perfect partner for a professional landscaper’s tools, such as a chainsaw or a hedge trimmer. But what makes MotoMix better than any other regular fuel you would use in your engine?  

Stihl MotoMix - Premium Fuel for your powertool

Easy to use 

MotoMix is a hassle-free formula made up of a combination of specially created fuel premixed with HP Ultra oil. This means you don’t have to worry about measuring the two fluids before mixing them together as it’s already been done for you in exactly the right proportions. MotoMix is clean, convenient and ready to pour into your tools, so you can start working on the day’s jobs in no time at all. 

Higher performance 

MotoMix has been ‘mixed’ with a 50:1 ratio of premium quality fuel and Stihl’s HP Ultra oil. It’s been designed with Stihl 2-stroke engines in mind so it can give you the great performance you’ve come to always expect from your fleet of Stihl machines.  

Environmentally conscious 

Another advantage of MotoMix is that it’s a much cleaner choice than regular pump fuel. Emission-wise, it’s free from ethanol and has virtually no olefins and aromatic compounds. So when you compare it normal fuel, it’s a much more environmentally friendly option – and overall better for your machines too!  

Stihl MotoMix - Premium Fuel for your powertool

Longer lasting 

Did you know that Stihl MotoMix fuel can stand the test of time? You’ll need to keep it in a dry and dark place at an average temperature of 20°C, but when you do that it can last for up to five years!  

Better protection 

MotoMix uses HP Ultra oil which is Stihl’s highest quality 2-stroke oil. It means your machines can take on the toughest jobs you might face with ease. It also gives your engine a much longer service life. This oil helps to keep the engine clean as well and an engine that has used Stihl MotoMix will still look like new even after 500 hours of use! MotoMix can be a great choice for machines that you only occasionally use, as it helps ensure your machine starts correctly the next time you go to use it.

Patented formula 

When it comes to 2-stroke engines, we know how to make the ideal fuel that best suits Stihl machines. If you are using MotoMix, the way the tool starts, accelerates and runs matches the way Stihl intended the machine to be used. And because of Stihl’s patent, MotoMix can’t be copied, so MotoMix is always the best option for your fleet of Stihl machines.

Stihl MotoMix - Premium Fuel for your powertool

MotoMix Delivery

MotoMix is available to purchase from our Burnley and Wakefield stores, in a variety of sizes. 

If you need to purchase a MotoMix drum (55 l & 200 l), talk to us about direct delivery of the fuel to your preferred address.  

Choosing MotoMix will always give you the best protection and power. Above all, it’s always worth remembering that Stihl tools are an investment – so why not invest in the best quality fuel for them too? Find out more at  

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