STC Multi-Collectors

Available in 1.2m and 1.8m working widths, the STC collector is a true, all-year-round machine for the maintenance of public parks, large amenity areas, sports turf and private estates.

Whether the requirement is for a flail collector to cut and collect on an out of season wildflower meadow, a professional scarifier for use on a sports pitch, or for a sweeper collector for clearing autumn leaves from areas of parkland, the STC is the ideal machine.

Wessex Multi-Functional Collectors

Flail Collector - Mode 1

As a flail collector, the STC is fitted with a large diameter steel drum rotor with 4 rows of closely spaced flails, and 2 rows of draft paddles to create the suction for collecting the grass.

The STC has no narrow throat as with many collectors; therefore, long or short grass will be collected efficiently without blocking even in wet conditions.

Not only will the STC leave an excellent finish on short turf, but is also ideal for end of season clearance of wildflower areas or golf course rough.

Wessex STC Flail Collector

Sweeper Collector - Mode 2

When in sweeping mode, the STC is fitted with the brush rotor comprising 4 banks of hard-wearing polypropylene bristles which will lift autumn leaves, grass clippings and litter effortlessly into the hopper.

The bristles, which are secured firmly into a pre-drilled strip with a wire staple, are a generous length to give a good `flick` action ensuring that the material is thrown to the back of the hopper.

Changing rotors from a flail collector to a sweeper collector will take about an hour. These can be purchased separately.

Wessex STC brush collector

Scarifier Collector - Mode 3

In scarifying mode, the flail collector blades are replaced with 2mm verti-cutting knives for a professional scarifying / verti-cut operation.

Ideal for sports fieldwork or lawns, the STC scarifier will leave a clean cut through the turf at approx. 30mm centres and will collect the debris in one pass.

Changing rotors from a flail collector or sweeper collector to a scarifier collector will take about an hour. These can be purchased separately.

Wessex STC Scarifier Collector

Models, Specifications & Pricing (ex.vat)

Models & Specifications STC-120 STC-180
Working width 1.2m 1.8m
Overall width 1.6m 2.2m
Hopper capacity 1.5m³ 2.25m³
Weight 520kg 635kg
Min. HP req. 18hp 25hp
STC-120 Flail Collector £9,100
STC-120 Sweeper Collector £7,330
STC-120 Scarifier Collector £8,845
STC-180 Flail Collector £11,180
STC-180 Sweeper Collector £9,175
STC-180 Scarifier Collector £10,875

All STC models are PTO driven and are fitted with hydraulic hi-tip