Are you looking for an easy way to remove dirt from the surface of an artificial pitch?

The GKB Top-Clean is a fully mechanic, self-driven machine that removes all kinds of dirt including cigarettes, leaves, papers and even plastic bottles!

Both debris and infill are picked up and fed on to a vibrating sieve, separating the debris and shifting it to bins that can easily be removed for emptying. This machine can easily be connected to almost any tractor by using a standard three-point hitch or electric drawbar.

Remove dirt efficiently

The Top-Clean is designed with two rubber wheels at the front - these wheels ensure that the machine rolls lightly over the surface. A rotating brush is connected to the wheels with a chain so that the driving speed determines the rotation speed of the brushes.

The brushes throw the dirt on a vibrating sieve - this way, the infill material falls back onto the field and the dirt ends up in collection trays. At the end of the operation, you can easily detach the collection trays to empty them.

With a standard three-point linkage or electric drawbar, you can easily connect the machine to your tractor. The machine is driven without hydraulics by the rubber wheels at the front. This makes the Top-Clean a real all-round machine for your artificial turf maintenance.

Models & Specifications

Type Working width Working dept Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Power Req.
TC120 120 cm / 47” 0 - 0.5 cm 150 x 150 x 80 cm / 60 x 60 x 32” 230 kg / 508 lbs > 20 hp
TC150 150 cm / 59” 0 - 0.5 cm 150 x 180 x 80 cm / 60 x 71 x 32” 260 kg / 574 lbs > 25 hp
TC180 180 cm / 71” 0 - 0.5 cm 150 x 210 x 80 cm / 60 x 83 x 32” 290 kg / 640 lbs > 30 hp
GKB Top-Clean
GKB Top-Clean
GKB Top-Clean
GKB Top-Clean