Timberwolf Road Towable Wood Chippers

Timberwolf's hydraulic, road towable wood chippers are their most popular ‘all round’ choice.

Their versatility as towable wood chippers means they can be used effectively across a range of applications and conditions, including landscaping, tree surgery and contract work.

From 22hp to 62hp, there is a model to suit all requirements.

Timberwolf TW 160PH Petrol Wood Chipper

Small but Mighty

If you’re just starting out as a landscaper, you want a capable wood chipper that doesn’t break the bank – or your rear axle. The TW 160PH is a lightweight, easy to manoeuvre towable wood chipper that is simple to service and can take on some serious jobs all with a 6” infeed capability. This machine delivers more than it has any right to deliver. So light, so well designed, so powerful and such good value.

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Timberwolf TW 160PH Petrol Road Towable Wood Chipper

Timberwolf TW 230HB Petrol Wood Chipper

Lightweight and Powerful

Today’s professional arborist is under pressure to get the work done as quickly as possible with minimal fuss, so a towable wood chipper with an exceptional work-rate, being strong and powerful enough to take everything thrown at it without complaint is always top of the requirement list. With these demands, up-time is also paramount so quick and easy servicing schedules and clear access to all service items were also part of the design brief.

The Timberwolf TW 230HB petrol powered sub 750kg towable wood chipper delivers class-leading performance, reliability and efficiency and is fully Stage V compliant - based on the successful Timberwolf TW 230PAHB, the TW 230HB petrol powered variant has been enhanced with a new hood design which includes additional ventilation and an improved exhaust design.

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Timberwolf TW 230HB Petrol Engine Towable Wood Chipper

Timberwolf TW 230HB Diesel Wood Chipper

Best in Class

Europe’s best selling sub 750kg diesel road towable wood chipper has evolved into an emissions-friendly machine, ready to take on the demands of the arb industry.

Renowned for its superior performance, reliability, longevity and serviceability, the TW 230HB diesel powered variant is the UK’s first diesel powered Stage V compliant wood chipper in its class to remain under 750kg in weight.

Spec for spec, no other make of towable wood chipper can offer you so much performance, serviceability, longevity and resale value.

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Timberwolf TW 230HB Diesel Engine Towable Wood Chipper

TW 280HB HyBrid Wood Chipper

An Industry First!

Developed to meet a growing need in the industry, the TW 280HB HYBRID offers peak power of 62hp with Kubota Super Mini Series engine emission levels. 

Easy to maintain, the TW 280HB HYBRID towable wood chipper is ideal for companies who are committed to minimising their emissions and fuel usage without compromising on performance.

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Timberwolf TW 280HB HyBrid Wood Chipper

TW 280PHB Petrol Wood Chipper

Built for tough jobs

Built to tackle the toughest of jobs with minimal maintenance, the TW 280PHB is a strong and powerful 8” towable wood chipper engineered to process timber quickly and efficiently. 

Designed with the operator in mind, big, brashy material is no problem for this machine with its extra wide feed funnel - for seriously tough jobs, trust in the appetite of the Timberwolf TW 280PHB.

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Timberwolf TW 280PHB Petrol Wood Chipper