Timberwolf Gravity & PTO Wood Chippers

Compact and cost-effective, Timberwolf's gravity and PTO wood chippers are ideal for landscapers, large private gardens or estates, hire shops and those just starting out in the tree surgery business.

Simple, effective and time proven – Timberwolf wood chippers will prove to be a valuable asset to your business.

Timberwolf TW 13/75G Petrol Wood Chipper

Compact & Cost Effective

The Timberwolf TW 13/75G is compact and robust, boasting a fast work rate in a class all of its own.

Powered by an efficient Honda 13hp petrol engine, the TW 13/75G is designed to work all day, every day with low running costs. Its impressive chipping capability and 3” cutting performance makes it a superb wood chipper despite its smaller size.

This gravity fed chipper uses a strong self-feed action produced by ‘positive blade feed’ incorporated in the feed funnel and blade design to make infeed grip exceptional.

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Timberwolf TW 13/75G Petrol Wood Chipper

Timberwolf TW PTO/100G Wood Chipper


The TW PTO/100G is designed for use by large estate owners and landscape gardeners who have access to a compact tractor with a 6-spline 530rpm power-take-off. Ideally suited to tractors from 18hp to 40hp, it will easily tackle branches from 3” to 4” depending on tractor horsepower.

With a low centre of gravity, easy tow chassis and good ground clearance, the TWPTO/150H has a positive blade feed action, large funnel feed and the ability to process material quickly.

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Timberwolf PTO Wood Chipper

Timberwolf TW PTO/150H Wood Chipper


Timberwolf’s TW PTO/150H is the ideal wood chipper for landowners, estate managers and golf club grounds teams. The sleek design of the TW PTO/150H is a perfect match to sit behind a compact tractor and short enough to manoeuvre with ease.

Thanks to the self-contained hydraulic system, the TW PTO/150H delivers a superb chipping performance and will fit onto any tractor fitted with a 6-spline 540rpm PTO shaft, category 1 linkage, and a 12-volt 7 pin lighting socket.

The fully self-contained hydraulics prevent any cross contamination of oils or any pressure issues.

Ideal for tractors from 25hp to 60hp, the TW PTO/150H will easily tackle branches from 5 – 6” depending on tractor horsepower.

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Timberwolf TW PTO/150H Wood Chipper