Rhino Plant Trailers: Unrivaled Innovation, Precision, and Strength

Towmate's Rhino plant trailers epitomise innovation, precision, and strength, engineered to transport heavy machinery like diggers up to 3.5T. These trailers are a testament to British manufacturing excellence, tailored for the rigorous demands of the building and construction industries. Their resilience against the elements and operational pressures make them an indispensable asset on any site.

Choose Your Strength: Standard or Pro Range

The Rhino lineup is divided into the Standard and Pro ranges, offering a spectrum of capabilities to meet varied industry needs. Whether you require advanced health and safety features or a cost-effective, durable solution, Rhino's plant trailers ensure your equipment's safe and secure transportation.

Plant Trailers - Designed for Durability

Each Rhino trailer boasts a hot-dipped galvanised chassis, offering protection from the elements and a durable surface to withstand the toughest job sites. The modular design enhances maintainability, reducing downtime and repair costs, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently.


Innovative Features for Seamless Operations

Rhino plant trailers come with pioneering options like the strapless digger system, LoadSentry for effortless loading and securing of diggers, and a pivot axle system for damage prevention and load distribution, enhancing the travel experience over uneven terrains.


Optimised for Your Needs

The Standard range addresses the demand for reliable and affordable plant hauling solutions, featuring quick lead times and standardised parts for immediate needs. Meanwhile, the Pro range elevates the hauling experience with market-leading innovations focused on safety and efficiency.

Standard features include: 165 R13 8 PLY wheel & tyre assembly / plywood floor / 1400mm individual ramps / bucket rest / heavy duty mudguards / heavy duty running gear / integrated side steps / 2.5T rated lashing points / extended drawbar / safe access points / anti-slip mudguards

Optional extras include: LED dual voltage lightening / spare wheel & carrier / WheelSentry