The Predator 38RX is the ultimate in refinement, smooth, powerful and reliable. Its the same powerful spec as the manual 38X, but fitted with an on-board CPU and industry leading Scanreco radio remote control


£26,995 + vat


With the radio control the 38RX is fully proportional and as accurate as a lever. The machine is also programmable, with the tracking and slewing speed adjustable, great for both Operators and hire fleets.

The radio control allows excellent visibility and improved Operator safety and positioning. Grind a stump without having to stand at the rear of the machine and maintain a safe distance when traversing rough terrain.

Vibration levels are zero. Control is absolute, The sophisticated controller with a range of 400 yards operates on a unique frequency, shutting down the machine if interference occurs.

Predator 38RX New Genration Remote Controlled Stump Grinder

Technical Specifications

Engine Kohler EFI 38hp electric start
Fuel Petrol 17L / 4.5 gallons
Cutting depth 450mm / 18"
Cutting height 800mm / 30"
Cutting swing 1370mm / 54"
Cutter wheel / teeth 480mm / 19" - Multi-Tip X 6
Total length 2400mm / 96"
Total width 670-1000mm / 26"-39"
Total height 1500mm / 60"
Total weight 1000kg / 2200lb