February Garden Calendar

How is your garden fairing this late Winter / early Spring? 

With the new season just around the corner, you will slowly start to see your garden come to life again from it's Winter hibernation.

Our handy garden calendar keeps you one step ahead of the rest, with gardening tips and tricks to keep your garden in the best condition throughout 2024. 

February Garden Calendar

February is the perfect time to think about protecting sensitive plants and shrubs such as white cedar and boxwood from the Spring sun by covering them with twigs or hessian fabric, to prevent them from “waking up” from their Winter hibernation too early, and trying to draw water from the frozen soil.

If perennials emerge from the ground now, cover them with Autumn leaves or twigs for extra protection from the frost. 

Cutting back and mulching borders can be carried out in February if not already done in winter.

Now is also a good time to drag your garden machinery out of storage to get it checked over, so it's in good working order for when you need it. 

There's always a long-line at our workshop counter in Spring, so be prepared before the grass starts to grow and get in touch with our Service Team and get your gardening tools booked in for a pre-season service now!

February Garden Calendar

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