Balmers GM Guide to Buying a Hedge Trimmer

Having a perfectly-trimmed hedge is something that every proud garden-owner strives for. But keeping them maintained can often be a bit of a trying task, especially if you’re using manual hedge shears! Powered hedge trimmers are a great option for gardeners who want to save time, whilst still achieving impressive results.

Here at Balmers GM, we have a wide-range of both long and short hedge trimmers, including petrol, cordless and electric versions. Made with STIHL quality and all offering outstanding cutting performance, you can be sure to get the perfect cut for the hedges in your garden.

Stihl petrol, battery and cordless hedge trimmers

Types of hedge trimmers


Petrol Hedge Trimmers

If you’re looking for an entry-level petrol hedge trimmer, look no further than the Stihl HS 45. This hedge trimmer has a Stihl 2-MIX engine and is perfect for light maintenance of hedges, shrubs and bushes in the garden. Choose from either the 18”/45 cm blade or 24”/60 cm blade version – both have 30mm tooth spacing.

If you’re after a petrol trimmer with less weight, you may want to consider the HS 46 C-E. Weighing in at 4.3 kg, this trimmer is the lightest petrol hedge trimmer in the range and has a low vibration level for comfortable use throughout the day, making it suitable for even professional users too. It comes equipped with Stihl Ergostart technology too for reliable, easy starting with little effort.

It also has a 22”/55 cm blade with integrated cut protection, our anti-vibration system, a long-life air filter system and a tool-free filler cap.

Stihl HS 45 petrol hedge trimmer

Battery Hedge Trimmers

If you’re looking for something a little quieter, we have a great range of battery-powered hedge trimmers too.

First up is the Stihl HSA 26, part of the Stihl AS System of power tools. Whilst this isn’t a traditional hedge trimmer for keeping big hedges in check, this set of cordless shrub shears is the perfect choice for trimming and shaping topiary and small shrubs in your garden. It even comes with a grass trimmer attachment for quick edging around the lawn or patio. Powered by an AS 2 battery, this machine has a run time of up to 110 minutes, meaning you should be able to shape around 30 box tree spheres in that time!

Stihl HSA 26 Shrub Shears

If you do need something for bigger hedges though, the Stihl HSA 45 is an extremely light cordless hedge trimmer. It has a built-in battery so it’s very easy to use, and is perfectly suited to trimming back annual growth around 8mm thick. It’s packed full of features, with a double-sided 20”/50 cm trimmer blade length, integrated cut protection and a screw-on tip protector. The integrated battery gives you around 40 minutes of working time, or enough time to cut around 80m2 of hedge. Checking the charge level is easy too, with an indicator on the side of the machine keeping you updated on how much juice is left in the tank.

For more power, the next cordless hedge trimmer in Stihl's range of tools is the HSA 56, which is part of the AK System. The range currently features 9 different tools which share interchangeable Lithium-Ion batteries, so you have a flexible system to suit your garden.

The Stihl HSA 56 can be used to trim both annual growth and bigger branches up to 18mm. Lightweight at only 3.7 kg (using the recommended AK 10 battery), it can be used for up to 50 minutes on a full charge with the AK 10 battery.

Stihl HSA 56 battery hedge trimmer

If you do need more working time with your hedge trimmer though, that’s where the AK System really shines. You can fit any AK battery in the HSA 56, so you can opt to use an AK 20 or AK 30 battery which offer 100 minutes or 150 minutes working time instead. This will make the hedge trimmer slightly heavier, but if you have lots of hedges to get through, it’s certainly a useful option. The HSA 56 hedge trimmer has a double-sided 18”/45 cm trimmer blade, integrated cut protection and a screw-on tip protector.

If you have high hedges and shrubs in your garden, the HLA 56 cordless long-reach hedge trimmer is also part of the AK System. With a total length of 210cm, as well as the option to buy an additional 50cm shaft extension, it’s the perfect tool to keep tall hedges in check. You can also easily adjust the head too from -45º to +90º.

You can find out more and see it in action in Stihl's video:

All of our battery hedge trimmers are great choices for noise sensitive areas, due to their low noise levels. It means you can start work early in the morning or late in the evening, with no fear of disturbing the neighbours! And there’s no need to wear ear defenders with these cordless tools either.


Electric Hedge Trimmers

If you have bigger hedges and want an uninterrupted power supply at all times, then a corded electric hedge trimmer could be an option for you. As long as you have access to a power supply, our electric hedge trimmers offer constant power and great value. The Stihl HSE 52 is our entry-level electric hedge trimmer with a light weight of 3.1 kg and a high stroke rate of 3400 rpm.

It’s ideal for trimming and cutting new growth and thin branches around the garden and it’s easy to handle too. It has a 20”/50 cm trimmer blade, integrated cut protection, screw-on tip protector and a hand guard for extra protection.

Stihl HSE 52 Electric Hedge Trimmer

If your garden has slightly tougher branches that need a bit more power to get through, you might want to consider the Stihl HSE 71. This electric hedge trimmer is better suited to cutting through thicker hedges and branches thanks to its sharp 24”/60 cm single-sided cutting blade.

One of the best features about this machine is the rotary handle, which is adjustable to 5 different positions so you can set the handle to any of the following angles; -90°, -45°, 0°, +45° and +90°. This makes it easy to get the right angle for whatever hedge you’re tackling.


Time to get trimming!

Whether you prefer petrol, battery or electric models, we’re confident there is a hedge trimmer for everyone from STIHL. Let us know if you have any other questions about our hedge trimmers and If you’re still unsure about which hedge trimmer is the right one for you, just call into our Burnley or Wakefield depots and speak to one of our garden machinery product experts!

Alternatively browse the range of our hedge trimmers in the comfort of your own home at Balmers GM online store!