Grubbing trees in an urban area or the thinning of forests can demand some precision work. Ideally, you want to be able to cut off the entire tree and transport it to a safe area for sorting or putting through a chipper shredder. The Lumberjack will enable you to clear the trees in the safest and most efficient way.

Depending on the operating width and the model, the Lumberjack offers you between a five and thirty ton excavator which is both a cutting and sorting machine.

How it works...

With the grapple, you can grab the trunk of the tree in the precise place where you want to cut it off. The grapple is equipped with a hydraulically powered Hardox blade, which is designed to cut trunks up to 45 cm, depending on the version of Lumberjack you have.

The machine has four orbital engines that control a tooth clutch and, in conjunction with the movement of the excavator, once you have cut off the trunk, you have the freedom to inspect the tree through 360°.

Models & Specification

Type Operating width sorting Operating width cutting Weight Power Req.
LJ150 97 cm / 38" 15 cm / 6" 680 kg / 1500 lbs 5-8 tonnes
LJ300 112 cm / 44" 30 cm / 12" 1250 kg / 2760 lbs 8-16 tonnes
LJ450 130 cm / 51" 45 cm / 18" 1680 kg / 3705 lbs 16-30 tonnes
GKB Lumber-Jack
GKB Lumber-Jack
GKB Lumber-Jack
GKB Lumber-Jack