Would you like to dress your natural grass sports pitches in a sustainable cost effective way? Does your sports pitch need more aeration? Or how about creating the best seeding conditions? With the Ecodresser you meet all these requirements with just one machine.

The Eco-Dresser will extract the desired dressing soil from the existing upper layer. Since you are using the dressing soil from your own sports pitch, the supply and cost of bringing in dressing is reduced.

How it works...

In just one operation the turf is intensively aerated (20cm deep) by means of the combination of cutting discs, coulters and fixed tines. At the same time the dressing is applied to the upper layer the sub layer is aerated.

You can level imperfections in your pitch by carrying the recycled dressing on the conveyor belt, following you can scatter it on the desired place. Consequently, this will create excellent seeding conditions. As a result, this will improve the drainage conditions and enhance and develop the rooting.

The Eco-Dresser is equipped with a cutting roller to ensure minimal operating damage to the turf. The adjustable cutting blade rotors extract the soil form the upper layer, the heavy-duty rotor is protected with slipping clutches on each blade flange. The coulters, which ensure the aeration of the upper layer, are spring-loaded - this in order to prevent damage from stones in the pitch.

An optional stone screen and collecting tray is available to allow you to create a homogeneous upper layer.

Models & Specifications

Type Working width Working depth Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Power Req.
ED130 130 cm 0 - 15 cm 170 x 160 x 100 cm 550 kg 30 - 50 hp + creeper gear
ED160 160 cm 0 - 15 cm 260 x 210 x 170 cm 830 kg 65 - 95 hp + creeper gear
ED200 200 cm 0 - 20 cm 260 x 240 x 170 cm 1450 kg 80 - 110 hp + creeper gear
ED240 240 cm 0 - 20 cm 260 x 290 x 170 cm 1650 kg 90 - 120 hp + creeper gear
GKB Eco-Dresser
GKB Eco-Dresser
GKB Eco-Dresser
GKB Eco-Dresser