Zero turn lawn mowers have a turning radius of essentially zero inches. This is achieved through individual wheel speed controls for the two rear wheels. 

Zero turn mowers allow for high manoeuvrability, enabling the user to navigate around obstacles with ease and mow in intricate patterns. They are particularly popular for large lawns and professional landscaping due to their efficiency and speed.


The John Deere ZTrak™ Zero-Turn Mowers were designed with commercial mowing customers in mind. And because every job is different, John Deere has designed their commercial mowing range to cover every eventuality! This range of John Deere Zero Turn Mowers is 20% faster than front mowers, saving you time and money.

Boasting a high output, these surprisingly compact commercial zero-turn mowers are ideal for any groundcare professionals who need to work in restricted space areas. The ZTrak™ mowers will quite literally run rings around other zero turn mowers thanks to their outstanding agility and manoeuvrability and the 360° rotation is backed up by speeds of up to 14.5 km/h. It really is easy to see why professionals opt for John Deere ZTrak™ commercial zero turn mowers.

We have four models of the John Deere ZTrak™ zero-turn mowers available here at Balmers GM:

  • Z740R - If you are relying on the strength, durability, and convenience of a semi-commercial grade machine, The Z740R zero turn mower is your ideal pick, boasting a commercial-grade, 23.5hp petrol Kawasaki engine, a sturdy mower deck, and delivering top-tier performance. 


  • Z950R - For those seeking a complete solution to maintain peak performance from start to finish – the Z950R zero-turn mower offers the power, comfort, and cut quality you require. A commercial mower powered by a larger, 27hp engine and side-discharge deck options, you can expect a high cut quality every time. 


  • Z994R & Z997R - These models are highly manoeuvrable and are both powered by 24.7hp and 37.4hp diesel engines respectively. Complete with a big deck and excellent durability for long-lasting performance, these models provide you with outstanding quality for years to come.

Unmatched Control

Simple control with padded grip control levers. To raise or lower the mower deck and disengage the blades, just press a switch (Z997R only).


Turn On The Spot

Nothing compares with the mowing speed of John Deere'e Zero Turn Mowers. But not only mowing, also turning on the spot without slowing down to get you faster to the finish line.


Road Homologation Kit

Easy to use soft touch panel including indicator lights – just a fingertip away (optional).

Commercial Zero Turn ZTrak Mowers

7-Iron™ Pro Side Discharge Deck

Stamped from 7-gauge steel, these side discharge decks can be converted to mulching. The robust mechanical drive transmits the power to handle demanding commercial applications.


Work In Comfort

The John Deere zero turn mowers include the ComfortGlide seat is fully adjustable for all-day comfort and productivity. It has armrests, dial-adjustable suspension response and three levers for fore/aft adjustment, lumbar support and seat-back tilt.


Easy Servicing

Key engine components are easily accessible under the bonnet. The seat tips up for easy access to the hydraulic system and the foot platform tips up for easy access to the deck spindles.


John Deere Commercial Zero Turn ZTrak Mowers

Models & Specifications

Model Engine KW (HP) Speed MPH (KM/H) Mower Decks Weight KG (with fluids)
Z740R 16.2kW / 21.7HP Stage V 13.7km/h / 8.6mph 122cm / 48" SD 486 - 517
Z950R 19kW / 25.5HP Stage V 19.3km/h / 12mph

137cm / 54" SD

152cm / 60" SD

152cm / 60" RD

Z994R 18.4kW / 24.7HP Stage V 17km/h / 10.5mph

137cm / 54" SD

152cm / 60" SD

152cm / 60" RD

Z997R 27.5kW / 37.4HP Stage V 18.5km/h / 11.5mph

152cm / 60" SD

152cm / 60" RD

183cm / 72" SD

183cm / 72" RD

805 - 835