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Top Tips To Improve Your Used John Deere Tractor Maintenance

All farming equipment is a vital investment that needs to be cared for properly in order to ensure years of faithful service from a built-to-last machine. John Deere tractors are built to be well-maintained and durable, however servicing and a little TLC every now and then will not only prolong the life of your used tractor, but also preserve its value. In order to achieve this, it is crucial to carry out maintenance and give your used tractors a good clean on a regular basis. 

If you are wondering which ways are best to maintain your machinery, we have compiled a list of five general upkeep tips to help improve the servicing your tractor receives…

  1. In order to avoid machinery mishaps and costly repairs, carry out little checks every single day. The larger maintenance jobs are required at least once or twice a year, but being aware of your tractors performance on a daily basis will keep things running smoothly for longer and keep costs down in the long run. These can include always noting the temperature at which your engine is running and keeping your used tractors in a safe, sheltered place to keep harmful weather at bay.
  2. Keep a list… It’s surprisingly easy to skip over a step or two during maintenance, even the most experienced agricultural expert can fall into this trap! A list of all the necessary maintenance and cleaning procedures can really help keep your used John Deere tractors in check. Be sure to include the following – checking oil and coolant, ensuring all belts are in place and none are loose, double checking tires are inflated correctly, returning all tools to make sure everything’s easy to find next time. If you find you are without some of the essentials, Balmers stock a variety of John Deere accessories.
  3. Service Records… If your used John Deere tractors are every in need of a professional check-up, for repairs, spare part replacement or just your standard once over, always keep  your tractors’ detailed service history records in a safe place, close to hand. Make sure you know what procedure was carried out and who by. These are a great reference for future servicing, or when the time comes to pass on your tractor.
  4. Take into account the changing of the seasons… Bringing your tractor out into the warm spring sunshine for the first time (it’s bound to happen soon, surely!) will require a bit of time for your used tractor to adjust. An extended period of little use, coupled with harsh cold weather means it can take it a while for your tractor to get up to speed. As its slowly coming around ready for the summer, keep a constant eye on the tires, steering, gears, brakes and clutch as well as the transmission, hydraulics and electrical systems.
  5. Your tractor is a prized possession… Any farmer knows the value of their tractors, and should treat them as such. Don’t treat them like an old car that you’d just run through the car wash, as with any prized vehicle - take the time to carefully inspect and intricately clean and care for your vehicles. Keep that yellow and green shine up and make sure your used John Deere tractor is healthy inside and out!


Our recommendations for used John Deere tractor care are brilliant ways of prolonging the life and value of your machine, as well as making sure your next servicing procedure is a breeze! If you would like to enquire about booking a servicing at Balmers GM, simply contact us via our online form or call 01282 453900.

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Published: 19 March 2013 at 09:19

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Balmers GM are turf care machinery specialists catering to the demands of both the professional and domestic clients through the nationwide delivery of new and used garden machinery. Balmers supply a huge selection of used tractors across the North West, providing only the finest names in the ground care industry. With one of the largest collections of used John Deere tractors for sale in Lancashire, we truly have tractors to suit all.

Our technical sales staff are highly knowledgeable in all aspects of turf care machinery and are available to assist both commercial and domestic customers in deciding which models suit their immediate requirements. For more information about our extensive range of new and used garden machinery or if you are searching for second hand tractors, please make an enquiry online or call our Burnley store on 01282 453900.