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Perfect Your Plot with a Stihl Strimmer this Summer!

With Summer well and truly upon us, here at Balmers GM we are keen to offer advice on how to get your garden looking tip top and Summer ready!  We stock a range of products which are just the ticket to create a green space to be proud of.  From hedge trimmers and Stihl strimmers to used tractors, we have everything you could possibly want to perfect your plot!


Stihl strimmers and brushcutters are a great way to maintain unruly sections of your garden, whilst providing that perfectly manicured edge around your lawn.  Lightweight and east to use, they are the perfect piece of kit for those hard to reach areas as well as being handy for clearing overgrown patches.  By using the correct mowing technique you can achieve amazing results with your Stihl brushcutter.  Even if you haven’t used a brushcutter before, you will soon master the technique to get the perfect cut.  All you have to do is simply swing the machine semicircular from left to right as you move forwards. 


As the cutting attachment rotates in an anti-clockwise direction, cutting right to left gives the best results, as the cuttings fall onto the area you have already cleared, making it much easier to tidy as you go.  When moving through long grass or thick weeds, it is best to mow in two directions; one to the right removes the tops, then the left movement can be used to get rid of the bulk of the material.  If your garden is on a slope, it is recommended that you work in a methodical strip by strip way.  Start by cutting a strip parallel to the slope and then return back along this path.  Just cut the next strip above this first section and then continue your way up the slope.


If there are any particularly stubborn sections of your lawn, it is advisable to clear round these areas prior to mowing.  Where there are several plants growing closely together, use the guard on your Stihl strimmer as a guide.  Just place the guard up against the trunk of the tree or plant and keep this as a guide as you walk around the tree.  This way the trunk is protected whilst keeping the area looking neat and tidy.


Why not look at our range of hedge trimmers to put in the perfect finishing touches?


So if you are looking for various garden machinery products to keep your garden looking spick and span this Summer, then call into our showroom in Burnley to view our extensive range in store.  Alternatively, why not view our whole collection online – from used tractors to a fantastic array of Stihl brushcutters and hedge trimmers to name but a few!

Stihl Strimmers

Published: 17 June 2013 at 12:53

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More information on Balmers Garden Machinery and second hand tractors
Balmers GM are turf care machinery specialists catering to the demands of both the professional and domestic clients through the nationwide delivery of new and used garden machinery. Balmers supply a huge selection of used tractors across the North West, providing only the finest names in the ground care industry. With one of the largest collections of used John Deere tractors for sale in Lancashire, we truly have tractors to suit all.

Our technical sales staff are highly knowledgeable in all aspects of turf care machinery and are available to assist both commercial and domestic customers in deciding which models suit their immediate requirements. For more information about our extensive range of new and used garden machinery or if you are searching for second hand tractors, please make an enquiry online or call our Burnley store on 01282 453900.