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Find The Perfect Domestic Mower For You From Our Range Of John Deere Lawn Mowers

We at Balmers Garden Machinery are renowned for supplying only the best domestic turf care products to those around Lancashire and beyond from the biggest brands including John Deere lawn mowers and many more. Our fantastic range of reliable and efficient domestic John Deere lawn mowers are suitable for any given domestic environment thanks to the knowledge and expertise that has gone into the manufacturing process of every single John Deere lawn mower as well as the creditable features of each mower. John Deere lawn mowers are rightly one of the biggest names in the industry worldwide and as the leading suppliers of John Deere Lancashire wide, we are sure to stock the perfect John Deere lawn mower for you.

Out of our terrific variety of John Deere lawn mowers that we supply at Balmers, the leading suppliers of John Deere Lancashire and beyond, nothing says value for money more than the brilliant John Deere R40 petrol pushing mower. If you’re looking for reliability in your lawn mower, the engine of this machine ensures maximum reliability thanks to the 2800 rotations-per-minute capability. This allows for a speedy cut of your lawn covering every piece of grass possible. When it comes to lawn mowing, the deck of the machine is key as in some cases, the mower will be cutting through some pretty choppy grass and if the quality of the deck was minimum, the chances of the deck actually becoming damaged or breaking would be significantly high. The good folk at John Deere are so sure that their decks are of the highest quality and durability, they offer a 10 year customer warranty to this mowers deck.

As well as this, the R40 is great for customisation and can be changed in accordance to the operator’s preferences. By this, we mean the handlebars on the R40 can easily be changed in terms of height simply by adjusting two knobs at the bottom of the handlebars into pre-set positions. This reduces chances of backache as you no longer have to use the pre-set position. Also, changing the cutting height of a mower has never been easier. The operator simply has to press one button which will amend the cutting height between 25 and 75mm which is great for year round cutting. 

We Are The Leading Suppliers Of John Deere Lancashire Wide

If you’re looking for domestic mowers from John Deere in Lancashire, look no further than Balmers GM. Our fantastic range of John Deere lawn mowers ensure we have the biggest and best collection for all your mowing needs. Take the John Deere R43RVE for example. Quite a number of creditable features really make this machine one of the most impressive John Deere lawn mowers on the market, including the ReadyStart system. With some mowers, starting the machine can be an annoyance. This is not a problem for this machine as the ReadyStart system ensures a quick and easy start every time by using only the recoil rope. Another problem that is common amongst lawn mowers is grass build up within the wheels of a machine which would affect the overall performance of the machine. Thanks to the wheels that feature ball bearings and are also fully enclosed, built up grass is not a worry. As previously mentioned, the importance of the mowing deck is massive and the R43RVE knows this. That’s why the aluminium deck of this machine also comes with a phenomenal 15 year warranty. Several other fantastic features including the 65 litre grass collector and the electric key start system really backs up the reputation of one of the best John Deere lawn mowers on the market.

As leading suppliers of John Deere Lancashire wide, we are sure to stock and supply the perfect mower for you out of our impressive range of John Deere lawn mowers. For more information regarding our John Deere lawn mowers, please don’t hesitate to visit our Burnley HQ or alternatively visit our website.


Published: 28 July 2014 at 14:31

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More information on Balmers Garden Machinery and second hand tractors
Balmers GM are turf care machinery specialists catering to the demands of both the professional and domestic clients through the nationwide delivery of new and used garden machinery. Balmers supply a huge selection of used tractors across the North West, providing only the finest names in the ground care industry. With one of the largest collections of used John Deere tractors for sale in Lancashire, we truly have tractors to suit all.

Our technical sales staff are highly knowledgeable in all aspects of turf care machinery and are available to assist both commercial and domestic customers in deciding which models suit their immediate requirements. For more information about our extensive range of new and used garden machinery or if you are searching for second hand tractors, please make an enquiry online or call our Burnley store on 01282 453900.