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Balmers Helping Hand for a Healthy Hedge

There are many ways to enhance the beauty of a garden but one of the most common is with the use of hedges. They can be used to provide walkways in larger gardens, as divisions between your garden and the neighbor or to provide greenery and privacy in a smaller front yard. They are one of the most recognizable features of the English garden and their versatility is one of their main advantages. However, a poorly maintained hedge can take over the flow of a garden and make it seem disorganized and unkempt. Balmers are proud to offer such an extensive range of top quality hedge trimmers to keep your hedge beautifully tidy, including our fantastic variety of Stihl hedge trimmers. Here we will take a look at a few of the ways to keep your hedges in tip top shape and make sure that your garden is being shown in the best possible light.

Keep Them Watered

The first thought of many when faced with hedge care is to immediately drag the hedge trimmer out of the shed and get to cutting. But before we reduce its growth, we have to make sure the hedge is growing properly. It is very important to keep your hedges well watered, especially during dryer summers. Hedging plants are normally spaced much closer together than other garden plants would be, meaning that their roots compete heavily for water. Keeping your hedges well watered will maintain their healthy greenery.

Look After the Ground

Hedges grow very densely, which means that the ground must be well maintained. It is important weed regularly around hedges, through using a hoe or using weed killing sprays. Weeds will compete with the hedge for water and nutrients so they need to be dealt with!

Keep Your Hedge Trim

Once you’ve made sure that your hedge is in good care, the time comes to put your hedge trimmer to work. The first thing to consider is when you should trim your hedge, trimming your hedge before the autumn months will mean that what you cut will not grow back before spring. Trimming just before spring will allow the hedge grow back quite quickly, this means that any loose cuts will be recovered much quicker.

When cutting the sides of the hedge, they should be trimmed at a slight angle from the widest part closest to the ground. For tops, a string line can be used to ensure that your hedge trimmer offers you the perfect cut. If you are looking to maintain a hedge that is in any way out of control, you can simply trim the hedge back to any height you would want, ideally trimming the top around twelve inches below the height you want to allow the hedge to grow to its ideal height.

If you are in need of the the tools to keep your hedges under control and looking great then you can visit us online and check out our great range of hedge trimmers and hedge cutters. If you are looking to pick up a new hedge cutter, the latest semi-professional Stihl hedge cutter is an ideal robust, lightweight and easy-start hedgetrimmer for land owners and professional gardeners. Our range of hedge cutters also feature a number of highly versatile new and secondhand Echo electric hedge trimmers all built to professional standards. 

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Published: 07 May 2013 at 10:22

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Balmers GM are turf care machinery specialists catering to the demands of both the professional and domestic clients through the nationwide delivery of new and used garden machinery. Balmers supply a huge selection of used tractors across the North West, providing only the finest names in the ground care industry. With one of the largest collections of used John Deere tractors for sale in Lancashire, we truly have tractors to suit all.

Our technical sales staff are highly knowledgeable in all aspects of turf care machinery and are available to assist both commercial and domestic customers in deciding which models suit their immediate requirements. For more information about our extensive range of new and used garden machinery or if you are searching for second hand tractors, please make an enquiry online or call our Burnley store on 01282 453900.